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Participants are accepted following an initial interview; these are usually held in July and September. Occasionally, people with the relevant background and experience may be admitted straight onto the Second Year. To get more of an idea of what constitutes ‘relevant background and experience’, you can down load an Outline of First Year Modules and Expectations.

Assignments and Appraisals

There are regular assignments and appraisals during the course. Entry to subsequent years is through completion of the previous year's requirements and an end-of-year appraisal. Movement from one year to the next is not automatic; this will be assessed and discussed with you by a member of staff.


Participants are expected to:

We recommend that participants gain an experience of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or the Enneagram Personality Inventory during the First Year.


Please note: correspondence between a course participant and their tutors may, at the tutors' discretion, be placed on the participant's file for future reference.


A Certificate of Completion is presented at the end of the Third Year for those who have completed all the course requirements.